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Welcome to Black Ops Wilsim!

Wilsim is the largest milsim open play in the Midwest – running every Saturday and Sunday at Black Ops Bristol for the month of July.

Wilsim is a milsim-type feel without having to pay or travel to larger events. We run 6.5-7 hour games straight with no dedicated breaks that gives you the experience of technicals, forward operating bases, bleed outs, medics, eods, and also gives you a chance to play engineer. We highly recommend to get a Baofeng radio to get the fullest of your experience, however this is not necessary.  This is Black Ops seventh year running Wilsim.

2024 Wilsim is bringing you a more organized command structure with more detailed objectives and a lot more props than ever before.

Fun game incentives:
You can play engineer, medic rule is active, EOD (explosive ordinance disposal), you search players for kill cards to get kill counts, take forwards operation bases and hold them so that your team can take objectives that are close to the F.O.B.’s, hold domination boxes

Game Objective:
Obviously get more points than other team
How do you say? Points are achieved by searching players for kill cards and completing objectives

How to acquire points
  1. Commanders have various objectives that must be completed to acquire additional points.
  2. Do not underestimate the power of capturing the F.O.B.s. It gives you the opportunity to respawn closer to the fight instead of walking all the way back to base. So you should capture one every chance you get and help defend it.

Kill Cards
  1. Each player needs to put on a kill card that you receive from the gate attendant or your starting base when you first walk out on the field.
  2. Please do not forget to put on a kill card as this is 10% of gameplay.
  3. A kill card is a plastic playing card that is either blue or green depending on what team you are on. Please clip this visibly on the front of your vest or shirt.
  4. How to collect a kill card for points:
    1. Receive 10 points for every basic kill card collected
    2. Receive 20 points for every Jack, Queen, King or Ace collected
    3. Receive 50 points for every Joker collected

Domination Cubes
  1. There are domination cubes placed randomly every weekend throughout the field
  2. Collect points on the dom cubes the following way:
  3. You come across a domination cube and you press the button of your team color to first activate it (green for green team, blue for tan team)
  4. Once it is already activated the opposing team can switch it to their team by pressing the opponent’s team color to pause the cube and then press your color to activate the cube for your team.
    1. VERY IMPORTANT – Hold the button down for 1 second or dom cube will not switch

Wilsim Rules:
Bleed Outs
  1. Once you get hit you must stay in that position for one minute. You may move a few steps out of the way or crouch down if you are in the way of a fire fight

Medic Rules
  1. Medics will have white tape on their right arm or the front & back of their gear.
  2. Wounded players CANNOT MOVE without aid. Live players may place a hand on a wounded player's shoulder and walk with them. Contact must be maintained during movement. Wounded plays may take up to three steps to get out of the line of fire.
  3. Wounded players CANNOT TALK unless calling for a medic.
  4. Medics must wrap and tuck bandages around a wounded player's arm. Do not tie bandages. (Mil-Sim West Tourniquets are permitted)
  5. Tourniquets must not have pre-set loops and must be fully set up by the medic applying aid.
  6. Medics cannot medic themselves.
  7. Players may only be bandaged twice, after which they must return to spawn AFTER their final bleed out.
  8. Upon respawning from a base, all bandages are removed.

Vehicle Rules
  1. Vehicles will be operated only by BOA staff.
  2. DO NOT lie near roads, trails, or paths while vehicles are in play.
  3. Players are not allowed to exit or enter ANY moving vehicle.
  4. DO NOT exit or enter a vehicle while it is in motion.
  5. Players MUST remain 10ft away from any moving vehicle.
  6. Disabling a Vehicle:
    1. Disabled vehicles will declare they are diabled and immediately stop moving. Players inside may still fire out of the vehicle.
    2. In order to disable a vehicle, a 40mm grenade/frag/rocket must be shot/thrown at the vehicle.
    3. After being disabled, the vehicle will "burn" for one minute, any players remaining in the vehicle will be considered dead. The vehicle will then return to base, where it will be "repaired" for 10 minutes. Rockets immediately destroy the impacted vehicle and kill all occupants inside.
    4. Once destroyed the vehicle will display a red kill flag

FOB Rules
  1. Forward operating bases can be captured by either team. In order for a team to spawn at that base, their flag must be raised.
  2. Dead players must wait 2 minutes at a F.O.B. before spawning back into the game. You must still complete your bleed out time at the location where you were shot.
  3. Spawning at a F.O.B. allows dead/wounded players to remove all previous bandages.

Searching Players
  1. Live players may approach wounded players and search them for intel.
  2. To initiate a search, the enemy player puts their hand on the wounded player and says, "I am searching you." The wounded player must relinquish any intel items in their possession at the time of the search.
  3. DO NOT take any other items from the player. ONLY INTEL may be taken.

  1. Anyone can be an engineer. You must need an engineering kit which includes the following: wire cutters, bolt cutters, mirror on a stick, ¼ and 5/16 nut drivers
  2. For every objective that requires an engineer we will be giving out one kit to the squad doing that objective.

Camo Restrictions – Green vs. Tan
  1. Green Team:
    1. You may wear blue jeans or black pants with a green or black shirt.
    2. Green Camo Uniforms include: Woodland, Woodland Digital, AOR2, Atacs FG, Multicam Tropic, Ranger Green, OD Green, Green Flight Suit, Flecktarn, Black, German Bundeswehr, Canadian Disruptive Pattern, Camouflage Europe Centrale, Australian Defense Force Disruptive Pattern Camouflage, United Kingdom Disruptive Pattern Material,Erbsenmuster, ERDL (M1948), Flächentarnmuster, Black, Multicam Black, Subdued Urban Digital, Kryptek Typhon, Desert Night Camouflage, ANY green dominated camo patterns, ANY dark or dark dominated camo patterns or colors.
  2. Tan Team:
    1. You may wear light blue jeans with a tan or light blue shirt.
    2. Tan Camo Uniforms include: Multicam, AOR1, Desert Digital, Atacs AU, DCU, Khaki, Sand, Multicam Arid, Kryptek Nomad, Tan Flight Suit, Desert Marpat, UCP, Desert Camouflage Pattern (three-color),Desert Camouflage Pattern (sixcolor) , ANY light gray, ANY light/arid/faded shades of green, ANY light/arid/faded shades of brown, ANY light/arid/faded camo patterns or colors in general.
  3. Important Clothing Notes:
    1. If wearing light colored blue jeans you can wear either a tan or green shirt and we will tape you to that team.
    2. If wearing black pants or dark jeans, you must wear a green or black shirt. You will be taped to green team.
    3. Players are NOT permitted to mix camo colors such as wearing Tan tops with Green pants. If you are wearing tan pants you cannot play green team. If you are wearing green pants you cannot play tan team. You cannot mix green and tan clothing.
  4. We do have green and tan tshirts available for purchase in store for a reasonable price.
  6. Gear color does matter. If you have a plate carrier that does not match the team that you are playing on, you have two options. You can either get taped or buy wristbands for that team.
  8. Click here for Green Team attire suggestions (link to a page that says Green Team clothing suggestions coming soon)
  9. Click here for Tan Team attire suggestions (link to a page that says Green Team clothing suggestions coming soon)

MED Exception
  1. There is no “bang kill” rule on Saturday’s. You must shoot with a rifle or pistol at 400fps or less.
  2. DMRs and Sniper rifles still have the same engagement distance as any other da

Chrono Exception
  1. Pistols can shoot 400fps since there is no bang kill on Saturday.

All Black Ops Field Rules Apply. Click here to view basic rules.
A signed waiver must be filled out before your first play at our field. Click here for the waiver.