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  • Fridays: 3pm - 8pm ($15)
  • Saturdays: 9am - 5pm ($25, $30 during WillSim
  • Sundays: 10am - 5pm ($25)
  • Open Memorial Day, 4th of July, and Labor Day: 10am - 5pm

Autumn Fog


Black Ops Airsoft and Nemesis Milsim's Annual Post-Apocalyptic Halloween Event is back again for 2022!

WHEN: Saturday, October 29, 2022

EVENT TIME: 8:00am -7:00pm



Autumn Fog is an open world, post-apocalyptic event where the players determine the story and the course of the events!

The event takes place in Fogtown, a gathering of survivors after the virus in the subsequent nuclear response destroyed most of humanity. In Fogtown you will find many merchants willing to sell you their wares for in game currency or other treats. Be aware though that outside the relative safety of the city limits looms a lawless land full of monsters, thieves and Raiders who won’t hesitate to rob or kill you! There are many others out there just like you looking to join a faction, pooling their resources, complete quests, find artifacts, form alliances, purchase properties, hunt down Raiders bosses, kill monsters, take part in games! There is so much to do in Fogtown you’ll never be bored!

7 years after the collapse, Fogtown is still hanging on. Despite numerous raiders attacks and infighting, the people of Fogtown have proven to be resilient and resourceful. However, as the years drag on, most of the high quality equipment is taken by time and use only rudimentary early gear remains. The inhabitants of Fogtown must use their ingenuity more than ever to survive!



STORE: Phatco Building is set up as a retail store displaying tons of merchandise that you can buy with your game credits. This includes thousands of dollars worth of rifles, pistols, bbs, etc. You start the game with 50 credits and how you play and what objectives you complete will get your more credits that you can use to purchase items in the store.

CURRENCY: Currency is collected by completing objectives, looting, taking part in games, and more.

GAMES: This year we are bringing you a ton of new games and objectives. Here is a list of what will be going on so far to give you things to do and ways to increase your currency:

-       Battle Royale (capture and defend a flag where 10 credits are thrown out every minute, located in second city)

-       Leprechaun Raiders (get through this group to capture a pot of gold, located at the coal mine)

-       Haunted House (make your way through to get 20 credits the 1st time and 40 the 2nd time)

-       Carnival (variety of carnival games to win credits, located in market)

-       Shooting Competition

-       Monster Games (yard games to win credits, located at gray colony)

-       Casino (test your luck to win credits, located in first city)


-       Random merchants will be walking around with carts and renting out store locations. You may purchase food and drink and other items from these individuals

-       There will be two bars serving drinks

-       Food will be served at the market in a safe zone



There are no uniform rules, however we recommend you plan accordingly with your friends to form your own factions. Bring arm bands or tape to identify your friends. We also strongly recommend against crisp new Navy Seal type gear. This event takes place a few years after the fall of Society so try to dress accordingly! Be creative and have fun!

If you and your friends have an idea for a group or establishment you’d like to create, please send a detailed description via message to Black Ops or Nemesis MilSim so we can get you integrated into the event!

Players are limited to 1 high cap or 3 mid caps. Only 100 rounds may be loaded before the event begins. The three magazines rule also applies to any other weapon like sniper and pistol. Shotguns may carry 6 shells. ALL players must observe the 100 round start rule.
NPC Characters will have missions to earn currency with you can buy revives, ammo, or other wares.

Fogtown police have extra armor and can take multiple hits.

As in years past, there will be a “quarantine zone” inside Fogtown for those who do not wish to fight. No players or stores can be killed or looted in this zone.

If do you have any other questions about the event or have an idea of a group or establishment you’d like to create, please feel free to text/message Black Ops at 847-913-5216 or contact via messenger.