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Operation Freedom 2023

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Operation Freedom 202

When: June 9th-11th, 2023

This country has been destroyed by different factions fighting over it for the past six years. Cobra Legion has currently held control for four years and running. This country is so rich in resources, such as coal, diamonds and oil, thus creating the worst battlefield in history. Buildings and bodies are stacking up. Can the UN jump in and stop this chaos? Will you fight for the rebels or will you join the UN to help them reinstate the former regime?

Operation Freedom is the Largest Milsim Event in the Midwest taking place on 100+ acres with two 12-acre cities surrounded by hardcover mixed in with 80 acres of woods. Black Ops, Cobra Airsoft Legion and Josh Warren are teaming up again this year to bring you another epic event including helo runs, gun trucks and a military ran faction and a mercenary ran faction. Join the UN Forces led by Josh Warren where you can get on a squad and be added to a platoon with your friends where you will receive your orders and troop movements on the ATAK-CIV App. Or join the Rebel forces led by Cobra Airsoft Legion where there are no squads or platoons and only leadership comes from Cobra Commander and Destro. If you can cut the head off the snake, Cobra will wither away and die.

Click below for all ticket options available for Operation Freedom 2023.  Each event ticket option gives you all the information you need about the event along with links.  Download our Player Packet to see what this event is all about. 

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OP Freedom Event Ticket

$100.00 $125.00

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OP Freedom Grenades Deals

$80.00 - $185.00

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