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Colony Wars 2024

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August 9th, 10th & 11th

In the year 2020, we saw corruption, hatred, riots, and disease and a deadly fog spread throughout the world. People learned that when the fog passes through electrical current it becomes harmless so they surrounded close-knit communities with electrical fences. In 2021 colonies spent more time fighting amongst themselves than surviving together. There were terrible and brutal blood baths and supplies were more scarce than ever before. 2022 brought two new colonies and a new government trying to bring order out of chaos. They failed to bring peace to this region.

2023 brought the destruction of the gray colony, known as The Axemen. It is rumored that the animals they were keeping were poisoned by another colony. This put the axemen into a rage and they went to confront the colony they thought was responsible for this horrific act, but they were ambushed by blue, green and purple colony. Then green and purple turned on blue and attacked the leadership and loyal followers of blue colony. The blue leader along with a few others managed to escape, but no one has heard from them since. Blue colony has been quiet and there are rumors that they have started worshiping raccoons. Green leader has disappeared as well and has not been heard from in 3 months. All of green has been fighting over who will be in charge.

Just when things seemed at their worst, more chaos and destruction has evolved bringing the colonies into more distressed times and loss of leadership. Now is the time for one colony to rise above the rest. Which colony can prevail is such chaos?

Let the 2024 Colony Wars begin....


Green Colony – Alexandria 
Made up with a variety of tradesmen this colony oddly enough has an overabundance of children. We now know for sure that children that are always working in the colony were taken from yellow and grey. Be cautious visiting this colony as they are not friendly to outsiders. On a side note, the leader of this colony was a radicalist-type preacher that was on the watch list for the CIA. The leader of this colony went missing a few weeks after the grey and blue massacre and the colony is currently fighting over a replacement leader.

Pink Colony - Custom Kydex 
Known to be excellent marksmen and very hopped up on go-go juice which makes them very speedy and soft, these colonists don’t normally venture to the woods. They tend to dominate the local town that they claim for themselves and lay waste to anyone that enters their domain. Even after three years of staying in the city limits, the custom kydex fan club seem to have no interest in venturing out at all. They are still friendly to anyone that leaves them alone but they can band together quick to attack any threat. They still host a shooting competition every year.

Blue Colony - The Coons
Blue has a new and unhealthy obsession with raccoons. After their leadership was betrayed by purple and green, the colony was starving until a raccoon walked through their camp and a single colonist, with barely enough strength, tried capturing the raccoon for food. He chased the raccoon into a hole and found a huge stash of mountain house food rations and how-to books. Now they believe that the raccoon was sent by higher powers and they have become the objects of worship.

Yellow Colony - Death Dealers 
What was once a loving and peaceful small colony has turned hateful and malicious. They once gave and shared all of their resources with the surrounding colonies until one day an unknown group raided them in their sleep and stole half of their children. No one knows what happened to their kids, but they hope to one day find out. For the past year the yellow colony has made it their mission to collect old junk cars. We don’t know if it’s for a hobby or spare parts, but purple and blue colony seem to constantly be sneaking in and stealing parts from these vehicles and spray-painting the names of their colonies on the cars.

Purple Colony - New World Order
The New World Order, who seem to be a bunch of ex-cons, are constantly pounding on something and making a ton of ruckus behind their walls. It sounds like they are building something monumental in there. They will not let anyone near the colony. What could they be building? A year later and the ex cons/new world order is still pounding away behind their high walls and still no one has a clue what they are doing in there. Green seems to be getting weekly supplies from them. Maybe they know something…

Be sure to talk with your friends prior to purchasing a ticket. ALL TICKETS ARE NON-REFUNDABLE AND NON-EXCHANGABLE. You want to make sure you and your friends decide on what colony you want to be on before purchasing.


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