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Saturday Rules

All Black Ops Field Rules Apply. Click here to view basic rules.  A signed waiver must be filled out before your first play. Click here for the waiver.
Wilsim Saturdays run June 4, 2022 through September 24, 2022. Click here for Wilsim Saturday Rules.

Below are Additional Rules that apply to Saturday Only:

1. Players are NOT permitted to mix camo colors such as wearing Tan tops with Green pants. If you are wearing tan pants you cannot play green team. If you are wearing green pants you cannot play tan team. You cannot mix green and tan clothing. You will be asked to change clothes.

Camo Restrictions – Green vs. Tan
  1. Green Team:
    Green Camo Uniforms include: Woodland, Woodland Digital, AOR2, Atacs FG, Multicam Tropic, Ranger Green, OD Green, Green Flight Suit, Flecktarn, Black, German Bundeswehr, Canadian Disruptive Pattern, Camouflage Europe Centrale, Australian Defense Force Disruptive Pattern Camouflage, United Kingdom Disruptive Pattern Material,Erbsenmuster, ERDL (M1948), Flächentarnmuster, Kryptek Typhon, Desert Night Camouflage, ANY green dominated camo patterns.
  2. Tan Team:
    1. Tan Camo Uniforms include: Bright blue, White, Multicam, AOR1, Desert Digital, Atacs AU, DCU, Khaki, Sand, Multicam Arid, Kryptek Nomad, Tan Flight Suit, Desert Marpat, UCP, Desert Camouflage Pattern (three-color),Desert Camouflage Pattern (sixcolor), ANY light gray, ANY light/arid/faded shades of green, ANY light/arid/faded shades of brown, ANY light/arid/faded camo patterns or colors in general.
  3. Neutral/Civilian:
    1. Black, multi-cam black, not listed as tan or green.
    2. This team will be split up for balance purposes. If you want to play on a certain color team wear those team's colors.
  4. Important Clothing Notes:
    Make sure if you are playing with a group you communicate to make sure you are all wearing the same colors to be placed on the same team

  1. We do have green and tan t-shirts available for purchase in-store for a reasonable price.
  3. Gear color does matter. If you have a plate carrier that does not match the team that you are playing on, you have two options. You can either get taped or not wear it. 
  4. Click here for Green Team attire suggestions (link coming soon)
  5. Click here for Tan Team attire suggestions (link coming soon)

MED Exception
  1. There is no “bang kill” rule on Saturday’s. You must shoot with a rifle or pistol at 400fps or less.
  2. DMRs LMGS and Sniper rifles still have the same engagement distance as any other day.

Chrono Exception
  1. Pistols can shoot 400fps since there is no bang kill on Saturday.

Vehicle Rules
  1. Vehicles will be operated only by BOA staff.
  2. DO NOT lie near roads, trails, or paths while vehicles are in play.
  3. Players are not allowed to exit or enter ANY moving vehicle.
  4. DO NOT exit or enter a vehicle while it is in motion.
  5. Players MUST remain 10ft away from any moving vehicle.
  6. Disabling a Vehicle:
  7. Disabled vehicles will declare they are diabled and immediately stop moving. Players inside may still fire out of the vehicle.
    1. In order to disable a vehicle, a 40mm grenade/frag/rocket must be shot/thrown at the vehicle.
    2. After being disabled, the vehicle will "burn" for one minute, any players remaining in the vehicle will be considered dead. The vehicle will then return to base, where it will be "repaired" for 10 minutes. Rockets immediately destroy the impacted vehicle and kill all occupants inside.
    3. Once destroyed the vehicle will display a red kill flag.

Click here for Saturday Wil-Sim Rules (June – September)