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2023 Events

Black Ops Airsoft is open every weekend for open play, player count averaging 150-200 players per day during peak times. If you'd like to experience a different environment, make sure to check out our 2023 event calendar below.

Be sure to check back to this event page throughout the year.  We will be adding more flea market and possible additions and/or changes to the events throughout the year.  Tickets sales will be posted early for every event at a discount and more details specific to the event will be provided at that time.  

January 7th:  Indoor Flea Market

January 14th:  Willy's Birthday Bash

February 18th:  Operation Frostbite

April 15th:  Operation Red Snapper

May 20th:  Operation Thunderstomp

June 10th, 11th:  Operation Freedom

August 11th, 12th, 13th:  Colony Wars

September 16th:  Operation Nightfall

October 28th :  Autumn Fog

November 18th:  Operation Nuclear Winter