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Open Play & Store Hours
  • Fridays: Starting 5/5 3pm-8pm ($20)
  • Saturdays: 9am - 5pm ($30)
  • Sundays: 10am - 5pm ($30)
  • Open Memorial Day, 4th of July, and Labor Day: 10am - 5pm
Before anyone can participate in Black Ops Airsoft they must fill out a solid copy waiver and bring it in. Please make sure all information is filled out correctly (birthday and spelling of name) prior to paying admission. Click here to print our waiver

Black Ops Bristol Ruleset

Basic Field Rules
  1. Age restriction: 10+ on Fridays, 12+ for Saturdays & Sundays.
  2. Eye protection: ALL players required to wear full seal, ANSI Z87.1 rated, goggles. Players under 18 are required to wear full face covering. Goggles with a bottom mesh does qualify as full face covering.
  3. All magazines and clips need to be removed from rifles in parking lot and safe zones. Pistols with mags in them must be holstered in parking lot and safe zones.
  4. Eye protection must STAY ON AT ALL TIMES ON THE FIELD. Players caught taking their eye protection off while on the field will be asked to leave.
  5. Theft of any kind will result in a permanent ban.

Chrono Restrictions (MED = Minimum Engagement Distance)
  1. No MED for pistols/Shotguns chronoed at 350 FPS with .20g BBs.
  2. 10' MED with AEG Rifles/SMGs chronoed at 400 FPS with .20g BBs. Semi-auto only unless otherwise specified.
  3. 20' MED with LMG chronoed at 400 FPS with .20g BBs. Full auto is allowed at 26 rounds-per-second MAX. LMGs must use Box/Drum magazines. LMGs are any real world LMG/HMG replicas.
  4. 50' MED with DMR chronoed at 450 FPS with .20g BBs. DMR's MUST be semi locked.
  5. 100' MED with Sniper rifles chronoed at 500 FPS with .20g BBs. Sniper rifles are bolt actions only.
  6. HPA (High Pressure Air)
    1. 10' MED with HPA rifles/SMGs chronoed at 1.42J with .32g BBs. Semi-auto only unless otherwise specified.
    2. 20' MED with HPA LMG chronoed at 1.42J with .32g BBs. Full auto is allowed at 26 rounds-per-second MAX. LMGs must use Box/Drum magazines. LMGs are any real world LMG/HMG replicas.
    3. 50' MED with HPA DMR chronoed at 1.78 J with .32g BBs. DMR's MUST be semi locked.
    4. 100' MED with HPA Sniper chronoed at 2.28 J with .32g BBs. Sniper rifles are bolt actions only.

Field Conduct
  1. CALL YOUR HITS! Airsoft is an honor-based sport, cheating ruins everyone's fun and IS NOT tolerated. If you suspect a player is cheating, call for a referee. Be ready to give them a good description of the offending player.
  2. If you hit another player and they do not call the hit, tell them nicely they must take that hit. If you begin shouting or using abrasive language you are immediately in the wrong and must call yourself out. Likewise, if a player informs you that you are hit, even if you did not feel anything, you must call the hit.
  3. Any form of physical altercation or verbal abuse will not be tolerated. Involve a ref if anyone is screaming or yelling and move on to not escalate the situation.
  4. Do not intentionally block or provide cover for teammates after being hit. All players are permitted three steps to get out of the line of fire when medics are in play. Otherwise find a fire free way back to respawn.
  5. Do not blind fire. You must be able to look down the sights of your guns to shoot. If you are tall enough to look over a fence without standing on something you are allowed to shoot over the fence. You may not shoot through cracks of a fence.
  6. Do not climb on buildings, vehicles, trees, deer stands, or anything else.

  1. Any direct hit to any part of the body/gear counts.
  2. After being hit, please raise your red kill rag and yell "HIT!". If you have lost your kill rag, raise your hand or gun.
  3. Ricochets DO NOT count. But just because you think it is a ricochet does not mean it is. Please make sure it is not a player shooting from behind.
  4. Gun hits do not count, unless it would go through the gun and hit the player guns are not hard cover!
  5. Any rubber melee hit counts as a kill. Melee weapons must be of a soft rubber construction and are only permitted to tap kill or to be underhand tossed and not thrown. No stabbing, thrusting or chopping.
  6. Friendly fire counts! Team kills are still kills.
  7. You may not throw bb’s at another player and count that as a kill.
  8. Bang Kill/Minimum Engagement Distance (MED) – This only applies to Friday open play
    1. When within 10 feet, you must audibly say "bang kill" to kill an enemy player.
    2. In order to "bang kill," your gun must be pointed at the player the entire time "bang kill" or “bang bang” is said.
    3. You can shoot a pistol within the 10 foot MED.
    4. LMGs, DMRs, Snipers, and Shotguns cannot be used to "bang kill."
    5. The Bang Kill Rule NO LONGER APPLIES to Sunday open play

  1. Only wire pull smoke grenades are allowed on the field. (NO homemade smokes)
  2. Pyrotechnic grenades are permitted, including certain TAGinn grenades.
  3. Approved TAGinn grenades include: Paladin and Archangel rounds for anti-vehicle use. Reaper rounds are allowed for building clearing, however, they are only allowed to be fired through doorways. All thrown TAGinn grenades are permitted unless they contain paint.
  4. DO NOT intentionally fire any TAGinn rounds directly at players.
  5. Sound only (banger) grenades have a 15ft kill radius for infantry, and a 5ft kill radius on vehicles. If thrown into a building, everyone in the room is dead. DO NOT throw grenades over building walls. You CAN throw grenades over fences, shelves, ect.
  6. Claymores kill by BB hit only.
  7. layers are permitted to dive on grenades. Diving on a grenade to save your team results in that player's immediate death after detonation. They cannot be saved by a medic and after any active bleed outs for the game go back to respawn.

Grenade/Rocket Launcher
  1. Single grenade launchers and six barrel launchers are permitted for use. If carrying a 6 barrel grenade launcher, a pistol or shotgun is the only other permitted weapon that can be carried.
  2. One shot with a grenade clears a room, unless someone is fully behind hard cover. Grenade launchers can be "blind fired" for this purpose. If shooting a grenade launcher “blind fire” you must angle it towards the ground. If a majority of the BBs go into the room, it is considered cleared. This also counts for single projectile launchers such as foam balls. Shower shells fired at players outside a building from a grenade launcher only kill by BB hit. If fired at a vehicle grenade launcher hits put it into a disabled state.
  3. Rockets instantly kill a vehicle and all occupants. If a rocket is fired into a room then all players inside that room are considered dead. Rockets have a 15ft kill radius on infantry, and a 5ft kill radius on vehicles. A shower shell kills players only on a BB hit, and a vehicle if the majority of BBs impact the vehicle.
  4. Reloading grenade launchers is permitted if you have additional shells carried on you. If you need to recharge a grenade shell with gas it must be done at a respawn or friendly FoB. Rocket launchers follow these same rules. However if the real world equivalent of your rocket launcher replica is a one shot launcher such as the LAW or AT4 then it can only be reloaded at a Respawn or FoB regardless of the number of shells you are carrying.
  5. Grenade rules in each city:
    1. 1st City has not taken any damage and therefore have roofs.  Grenades cannot be thrown over the walls.
    2. 2nd City has been almost completely destroyed and their roofs have almost all caved in.  So you may throw grenades over the walls.

Ballistic Shields (Shields are only allowed on Friday and Sunday open play)
  1. Shields must weigh 26 lbs, be no taller than 3 feet, and no wider than 18 inches.
  2. Shield carriers are only allowed to use pistols when carrying the shield.
  3. The shield cannot be passed off to other players in the event of the shield carrier being hit.
  4. Ballistic shields are not allowed to cover parts of a window, the shield must cover the entire window.
  5. Shields are not allowed on Saturdays unless otherwise stated.