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Monthly Events

Black Ops Airsoft is open every weekend for open play, player count averaging 80-100 players per day. If you'd like to experience a different environment with player count of 200+, make sure to check out our monthly event calendar below!


Frost Bite - $30.00 raffle, willsim, free food

MARCH 16th:

Nuclear Winter - $35.00 raffle, milsim
Sponsored by G&G elite force. Which side will you choose? Green and tan camo only G&G green, and elite force tan.

APRIL- teams month

This is when we let other teams throw their own types of games

  • Saturday 6th $25.00 Angles of Death
  • Sunday 7th $25.00 King Slayers
  • Friday 12th, Saturday 13th, Sunday 14th, 75.00 + fees all three days hosted by Veterans for Airsoft.
  • Saturday 20th 25.00 ASF
  • Saturday 27th 25.00 Corgi Militia
  • May 4th Saturday N7

MAY 11th:

Tailwind - $35.00 hosted by Nemesis. This will be a full event sponsored by American Milsim, Valken, and custom Kydex. There will be food on site, and raffle.

Flee Market – On Hold Date TBA

JUNE 8th:

RED DAWN - $45.00 - a very close replica to the movies.
RED DAWN is a pre purchase only and will be cut off by June 1st. Must pre pay at Blackops and register for your side in person. You will then be put on a roster and given your teams private page.

  • Doors open at 8 am briefing at 10 game starts at 10:30
  • There will be no breaks and game will end at 9pm.
  • There will be camping Friday and Saturday. sponsored by Valken, Enology gaye, Elitforce, and G&G
  • FREE stuff will be given at your bases

JULY 12th, 13th, and 14th:

American Milsim will be hosting Northern front 2

AUGUST 10th:

Freedom 2 - $40.00 designed by the players ran by the players.




Autumn fog more TBA




Operation Frostbite - $40
Fight for heat by capturing propane tanks and firewood to prevent your side from freezing!

  • Game starts at 11AM, ends at 6PM
  • City centered gameplay
  • Custom Frostbite patch
  • No raffle, items given away will be on the field during gameplay!
  • Green team commanded by ASF, Tan team commanded by SarlaccPit Crew
Sponsored by: MC Kydex, Elite Force, Redline Airsoft

JANUARY 11th, 2020 :

Willys birthday bash more TBA

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